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PGIP Technology -Onboarding Process: From the Start

Hello New Onboarding Interns!

I’m Marjorie Furay, the Faculty Lead/CEO of Purdue Global Internship Program–Technology! You have registered for the PGIP-Tech internship, congratulations!

In the next few days, after completing the survey, you should receive emails and invites to your new @pgip-tech.com email address. You will not be able to access the PGIP-Tech system and SharePoint Orientation site until you have completed the activation. Follow these steps below to get started and obtain your access.
Onboarding Checklist

#1. Checklist & Survey

You will receive a welcome letter in your student.purdueglobal email telling you to download a checklist and complete the New Intern Survey to assign you a department. The checklist will list for you what tasks need to be completed during your first onboarding week in PGIP-Technology.

The new intern survey helps us decide which department and position are best for you by knowing your IT interests, experience, and education. Having come this far, you have already completed this step and can check this off your onboarding checklist as complete.

Click below to download a copy now.

#2. PGIP-Tech Email

An email will be sent to your student.purdueglobal.edu email from Microsoft with your username and password for your new PGIP-Tech.com email. You will be prompted to change your password.

Once you have done so, please update your signature following the PGIP-Tech *Email Signature Policy here:

Email Signature Policy

*Copy and paste the information from this document to your Outlook signature. Do not write on this document.

Watch this video to learn more:

Accessing PGIP-Tech Email with Outlook

You can find the Outlook icon in “My Apps” on the SSO dashboard.

View the CTA documentation:

To increase the open rate of your emails to co-workers and management, it is important to create a subject line that is focused on your topic and its intent. Calls-to-action we include are:>


To learn more, read the document here.

#3. Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) access

In order to set you up for access to the email, systems, and apps you will be using, you must first set up your Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) access.

  • Click this link for the invitation and directions to complete this: MFA Instructions
  • Click this link to begin your setup using the pgip-tech.com email provided to you: MFA Setup
  • Your pgip-tech.com email and password are used for signing into MS

Watch either video to learn how to do this step

PGIP Technology:
Tutorial on Downloading SSO

#4. SSO

Click the link below for your preferred browser and install the My App Secure Sign-in Extension:

Add it to your browser as an extension. Once installed, click on the extension (blue box with 9 white dots at the top right of the browser) and proceed to login. This set up will provide Outlook, Teams, Planner, SharePoint, and One Drive online apps access for your email, calendar, and meetings.

#5. Complete ESET Cybersecurity Awareness Module

ESET awareness is an urgent, required action and must be completed within 24 hours of your start date.

Click here to view the page:
ESET Cybersecurity Module Info

Read the policy: Information Security Awareness Policy (ISAP 105)

Compare Content
Example of registration at bottom of page

Click here for the:

ESET module access

For all departments and interns: Use your PGIP-Tech email to sign up. When you are finished, take a screenshot of the page congratulating you for completing the training, upload this to your One Drive HR Paperwork folder, and email your Manager that you have completed this.

Example of screenshot page when complete.

Now you may visit our SharePoint Intranet site from the SSO and begin the Orientation.

Watch the video and the steps that accompany this page to review if you have completed these starting steps listed above.

When you enter the SharePoint Orientation pages, you will find several new tasks that must be completed now that you have access. These will include setting up your access to the desktop and web versions of Time Clock Wizard, downloading the Teams desktop app, learning about the Microsoft One Drive intern folders, familiarizing yourself with Freshdesk FAQ and Knowledge Base, completing your Planner New Intern task, completing the PGFinancial Packet, and signing the PGIP-Tech Intern Acknowledgment Forms.

Please click the button below to enter the SharePoint Orientation pages and continue your set up.