Department Information

Currently working on: Loyalty App, InternDB, Project Breaker
Currently working on: Data Integration, Collection Methods
Currently working on: Pen Testing, Phishing, SOC
Currently working on: Loyalty app & InternDB back-end
Currently working on: Azure AD, Wireshark, Fundamentals
Currently working on: Department Wiki, Video Tutorials, AWS


Virtual Internships Are Only a Step Away

Combining Excellence with Accessibility

PGIP-Tech Mission Statement

Our goal at PGIP – Technology is to give every intern the opportunity to enhance their knowledge base in the world of technology. Each intern’s goals, combined with individual and department responsibilities, fulfill the mission of PGIP-Technology through giving our current and future customers superior support.

Purdue Global Internship Program – Technology, is a quantum teaming environment.

Our History

PGIP-Technology was established in 2014 and started with two interns. From that humble beginning, we have grown to University recognition having graduated over 600+ interns confident and ready to grow their careers. We serve both external and internal clients.

Many of our mentors and consultants are former interns who join the Graduate Information Technology Association (GITA). They continue to offer training, support and advice to interns and have contributed to making PGIP-Tech the only fully virtual internship in the United States.

  1. Stay in weekly communication with your manager, team leaders, and team members
  2. Quantum Teaming is the key to a successful hands-on project.
  3. You get what you put into it.
  4. Do your research, fully entangle in your projects, and ask questions!

PGIP-Technology Open House:

Watch this Open House video about how for over 10 years our Quantum Team of Alumni Mentors and Student Interns have built the internship!

Intern Testimonials

Christopher Henry
BSIT/Network Graduate 08/2018
Demetria McCaa
MSIT/Database Graduate 06/2021
Christina Gladhill
BSIT/IT Support Graduate 06/2021
Christian Hill
BSIT/IT Support Graduate 06/2021